The Best 2 Antivirus Applications For PCs

Do you have already some kind of antivirus software running from the background on your pc? Chances are that you do, and also you usually only know you have it if the thirty day expiration time pops high on your desktop, alerting you to start your subscription. However, for people who are generally more good at protecting their PC, they may be probably knowledgeable of what is happening. The truth is, chances are they have one of the top 2 software programs that provides antivirus protection, and this is an introduction to these programs.

Norton’s Antivirus

This is one of the oldest programs out there for offering antivirus protection. It is quite comprehensive, providing real-time protection including scanning anything that comes into your internet browser cache to make sure that viruses usually are not there. However, it may be very burdensome on PCs with only 4 GB of RAM, prompting many individuals to select one of several other programs that exist.


Even if this has been in existence for quite some time, it is a lot more recent from the antivirus industry by comparison to others. It is actually considered by many people to be the better out there, plus it has an incredible amount of protection. It can protect you when you are browsing the web, talking to people on social networking, and in many cases instant messaging. It may also keep the computer safe from malware, making this a high option for people who are looking for comprehensive defense against both viruses and spyware.

There is a number of others out there including Avast and McAfee, both of which are just as comprehensive. However, a lot of people experienced problems with firewall settings that will prevent these programs from running on certain PCs. Additionally, the boot time, and turn off time, can be compromised using several of these software programs. That’s why choosing BitDefender may be your top choice mainly because it easily integrates with all PCs, and seldom slows down its functionality.

October 4th, 2017 by